The Inter-Tel 3000 phone system provides small
businesses and large residences an affordable and
easily managed way to take advantage of today's
breakthrough technology.

Easily Expanded and Upgraded
The Inter-Tel-3000 system allows you to purchase the
equipment you need now and, when the time comes,
makes it easy to add equipment and functions.

Easy to Install
The entire system measures 21"wx15"hx6"d. The central
control unit and expansion
modules are encased in the same enclosure, providing
easy access to slots and
connectors for quick expansion - there is no need to
turn off the system when
adding and removing modules.

User-Friendly Programming
System programming is easily done using your telephone
or our advanced
PC-based management application.

Encore for Small Business

The Inter-Tel 3000 PBX system gives you the features
and reliability essential to your business' smooth
operation. Keep your customers happy with professional
phone system features such as: voice mail, auto
attendant, account codes, Caller ID, speed dial,
conference calling, day/night service and more.

Encore for Retail Stores
Your business uses credit card terminals; fax machines
as well as voice and data features. Encore is easily
customized with flexible and affordable solutions.

Encore for Residential Use
Encore serves the busy home with extensive features,
voice and data functionality over a single network.

Inter-Tel 3000 Telephones Large screens, easy to follow
prompts, automatic headset detection, programmable
keys with green and red LEDs, speakerphone and
parallel modem port allow you to easily access the
features of your system with your analog or digital
telephone - conference calling, transfer, speed dial and
voice messaging.