Norstar T Series Telephones

Norstar T7316 telephone
Business series Terminal T7316 is flexible, multi-line
telephone for feature-intense users such as, managers and
executive professionals.

Norstar T7208 telephone


Business series Terminal T7208 is a multi-line telephone
suited for lower internal calling volumes. Ideal for reception
areas, workstations with moderate call volumes and activity.

Norstar T7100 telephone

Business Series Terminal T7100 is simply designed for low-traffic
areas such as lobbies, office kitchens, reception rooms and
break rooms.

Norstar T7406 Cordless

The T7406 Cordless telephone is a desk-centric mobility solution
designed for use in a small to medium enterprise site. The T7406
Cordless telephpone enables you to deliver better customer
service while making your employees more productive with
workspace mobility.

Nortel Norstar T24 Key Indicator

Norstar Key Indicator Module (KIM) is an add on the the T7316E
phone which allows it the capability of handling 24 more lines.
The module fits seamless on the T7316 Phone and is wall
mountable. Up to nine T24s can be added to each 7316, allowing
for a maximum of 216 additional keys.

Norstar M Series Telephones

Norstar M7324 telephone

Supports a combination of up to 24 lines, features, and autodials
Central Answering Position (CAP) has 48 programmable buttons
with LCD indication. Two CAP's can be added to this terminal,
providing a maximum total of 120 programmable buttons (Station
Auxiliary Power Supply required) 2-line, 16 character-per-line LCD
window with 3 soft keys Enhances productivity through
hands-free operation and volume control bar Compatible with
Norstar and Business Communication Manager systems

Norstar M7310 telephone

10 programmable line/feature buttons
12 dual-function memory buttons provide quick access to 24
additional features or auto-dials.
2-line x 16-character LCD display with softkeys
Can be expanded with the Norstar Busy Lamp Field (BLF

Norstar M7208 telephone

6 Line Capacity
Intercom, Speaker Phone
8 Line Capacity
Two-way speaker phone
LCD Screen displays time date and number
16 Character display

Norstar M7100 telephone

One programmable memory button
Feature button
One-line by sixteen-character LCD Window
Supported on all Norstar Integrated Communications Systems
Available in black, ash and gray

Norstar Audio Conferance Unit

Nortel Networks Audio Conferencing Unit extends voice
connectivity to conference rooms and offices with clarity and
reliability. It includes full-duplex technology and a keypad to
access all of the conferencing features available from your
Norstar or Business Communications Manager system (BCM).
Compatable with the Nortel Norstar, and (BCM) systems.

Norstar KLM modual for M7324

The Nortel Norstar 48 Button CAP Key Lamp Module (NT8B41) is
ideal for administrative assistants, receptionists, and other
centralized call answering personnel. By attaching up to two Key
Lamp Modulas (KLM), an additional 96 memory buttons can be
added to the Norstar M7324 telephone, creating a total
combination of 120 lines, features, or autodial
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