3,000 acres on farms or ranches
Two-way radio - full duplex, no group chatter or
push-to-talk, can be used even when out of range
of base unit, Handset-to-Handset, Handset-to-Base
or Base-to-Handset
Four telephone lines supported from one base
Auto-attendant directs callers to specific handsets
Expandable up to 36 handsets with 4 line capability
Rapid charger recharges battery in 3 hours
Three-way conference calling - 2 handsets-to-1 line
or 2 lines-to-1 handset
Music on hold port
Caller ID w/call waiting
Call transfer
Call forwarding to another handset, extension or
outside line
Call hold / mute / flash
Speed dial directory
Vibration - ring mode
Works off analog CO lines or behind PBX off
analog ports
Auto power management
Battery hot swapping permits changing battery
while call is on hold
Digital Spread Sprectrum (DSS) technology for
privacy and clarity
Frequency hopping security
4 Line Cordless Phone System
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